Richard Wanderman

Richard Wanderman:

As I (Sanford) assume ownership of LD Resources, I want to speak a bit about Richard Wanderman, the founder/creator of this site.  To say I have tremendous appreciation and respect for Richard for what he created here at LD Resources is an understatement.

I’ve known Richard since about 1994 when I was in private practice in Connecticut, although come to think of it, I’d previously met him at an International Dyslexia Conference in Portland Oregon, where he presented on technology solutions for dyslexic students. I was as struck then as I remain now, by his wit, humor and talent for making the complex seem simple and accessible.

Through this site Richard has not only provided excellent information and resources about learning disabilities, he’s given a platform for others to inform and opine about relevant topics.  True to his nature, Richard has never shied away from controversial positions and I suspect he’s prodded many of us to think deeply about certain subjects, and not take the easy way out.  He’s done this since 1995 and he’s been solely motivated by a desire to help and inform. It’s never been about him, and that’s why for this one, I’m making it deservedly, about him.

This sounds like an homage to, or even a eulogy for Richard, and of course he’s very much alive and doesn’t care much for sentimentality.  However as I take over this site, I can’t avoid recognizing the great value he put together for sixteen years.  Richard continues to share his passions and interests on photography (he’s a talented photographer), technology and other topics at his site

Over time, I’ll definitely be adding my own slant and style to this site and will share what I’ve learned over the years. I only hope to keep up the tradition set here so admirably.

Sanford Shapiro


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Learning Disabilities specialist and Educational Consultant
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4 Responses to Richard Wanderman

  1. Richard says:

    Thank you Sanford, you’re too kind. It will be my pleasure to support both you and this web site going forward.

  2. Sanford says:

    Not too kind at all Richard. Thanks for the help.

  3. Congratulations Sanford. Richard created a wonderful site and I know you will continue to bring important information to so many. As the mother of a daughter who struggled with dyslexia and was not diagnosed until high school, it is joyous for me to see so much information available.

    Thank you both!

    Dore Frances, PhD

  4. Sanford says:

    Thanks Dore.

    I’m looking forward to your contributions here as well.

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