New School Program for Students with Learning Disabilities in CT.

The Prospect School, a new school within the Wooster School (Danbury CT) has named its founding director. This is a new program for students with language based learning differences and related attention challenges.

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  1. My name is Alex Brosowsky and I am the school’s Founding Director. We are starting a wonderful new program. Anyone interested in the Prospect School should visit our website at You are also welcome to read my blog at

  2. Sanford says:

    Thanks for writing in. Tell us about the mission of the school as well as how it’s connected to the Wooster School. What are the priorities for this first school year?

    Thanks again.

  3. Disappointed in Ct says:

    FYI, Sanford & others, Alex resigned from Prospect without notice per Wooster administrators. There is no director in place at Prospect to start the school year this 2011-2012 year (although they are apparently still going to open at this time). Wooster was to fund Prospect for it’s first 3 years. We were intrigued by Alex’s vision & found the Danbury location & access to Wooster’s facilities equally appealing for our child who needed a different approach than the public schools were able to offer for learning. We are extremely disheartened by the news of Alex’s resignation.

  4. Sanford says:

    Thanks for the news. I haven’t had this news verified yet by the school but thought it was important to put out there.

    Will you still enroll your child?

  5. Disappointed in Ct says:

    Sadly, no. There are too many uncertainties.

  6. Larry Perry says:

    Please check out my website. I provide online tutoring to students with learning disabilities. Thank You

  7. Sanford says:

    I’m happy to post this and let people know of your tutorial services, but you’ve sent your comment in this thread about a “New School Program for Students with Learning Disabilities in CT.” instead of LD Support Professionals.

  8. Tad Jacks says:

    The Prospect School at Wooster is open and we welcome your phone calls about our program. Please call me at 203-8303967.

  9. Sanford says:

    Hi Tad. Thanks for writing in. Given the news of the founding director backing out from the position, can you fill us in on where things stand with the school?


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  11. Christine says:

    Is there an updated list of preferred schools for LD / Dyslexic / ADHD kids? Trying to make a decision to move to private. Thank you!

  12. Sanford says:

    Hi Christine. Thanks for writing in. There’s some updating going on with this website, and more to come, so the database of schools, while still searchable, needs tweaking. The visits and lists are older though many of the schools are still current and can provide a jumping off place for many.

    While most all of the schools have their upsides and benefits, there’s never been a one size fits all capacity for what you’re contemplating. I’ve been a school director of LD schools as well as a placement consultant and what is preferred for one kid may not be right for another.

    What types of attributes are you looking for?

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