This is a Must See: Letters and Essays from Dyslexic Writers

This is great stuff, well-worth looking over.

Forgotten Letters, a collection of essays and articles by writers with dyslexia, aims to show that the condition makes one different, not ‘less’.

From a recent interview via Gtalk, anthology editor Naomi Folb said: “I think that people assume you have a really hard time and that you find everything very difficult, whereas I don’t see dyslexia in this way. For me it is just a way of thinking.”

Folb is currently a Ph.D student in Denmark who is researching dyslexia. She says, “For my degree, I have interviewed writers and journalists, and also mathematicians and engineers because I want to know how dyslexia is ‘used’ in different professions and how dyslexics perceive dyslexia…”

Here is a recent article in its entirety, as well as a link to the Publishing Company, which is dedicated to promoting and publishing writers who are dyslexic.


[via Richard Wanderman]Laurie Fais and Malia Bateson


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  1. Gail Terp says:

    I LOVE the truth, “Dyslexia is a way of seeing.” Thank you.

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