Mentoring for Kids with LD. Project Eye-to-Eye at Wesleyan University
Jeremy Snyder and Julie Platt, students at Wesleyan University, are starting a university chapter of Project Eye-to-Eye, a national mentoring project for children with learning disabilities.

In this article from the Wesleyan Argus, the students describe their start-up process this summer and the goals of Eye-to-Eye.

They’re looking for about a dozen high caliber and dedicated Wesleyan University students to serve as mentors to students with LD/ADHD at a local middle school. Mentors meet weekly, engaging in Arts and other projects to build self-esteem and also to raise awareness in the community.

Project Eye-to-Eye was started in 1998, by two Brown University students with ADHD and LD. Years later, Project Eye-To-Eye is a national not-for-profit mentoring program “changing the lives of thousands of children and young adults across the U.S. Everyday we give “at-risk” students the feeling of empowerment and connection to a community that is built on understanding and compassion for differences. Project Eye-To-Eye’s program model is designed to build life skills for independence and improve self-esteem through the power of role modeling. Beyond the important work of building self-esteem, Project Eye-To-Eye also gives children with LD/ADHD the concrete skills necessary for independent living and academic success. Project Eye-To-Eye’s research based mentoring model is also designed to improve self-advocacy skills and meta-cognitive abilities, skills proven to be essential to the life success of LD/ADHD adults.”

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2 Responses to Mentoring for Kids with LD. Project Eye-to-Eye at Wesleyan University

  1. Richard says:

    Fantastic. Great idea. Articulate and open hearted young man.

  2. Sanford says:

    “Articulate and open-hearted:” Great description.

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