The End of $200 Textbooks?



The average community college student in Washington spends about $1,200 per year on textbooks.

I know that as a society we’re probably in the infancy of this movement to digitize textbooks and in a variety of ways, bring down the costs of textbooks to students. I don’t understand how they deal with fees to the writers of textbooks, but Washington State has created a way to access collections of textbooks as well as other educational materials- mostly for free.  Apparently the most a school can charge for these is $30 per student.

They’ve begun with eighty-one of the state’s most popular general education and pre-college classes taken.  These are open licenses, which means that they’re available to other colleges and universities and anyone else who wants to give them a try.

I’ve already been on the site and looked at some US History text. It’s a pretty easy sign-in process and once I was looking over a chapter, and since I was using my Safari browser, it was easy to highlight, right-click and have my computer read it to me (if I was tired or dyslexic or had another learning disability).


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