Epic Transitions: A Unique Trekking Opportunity for Young Adults

Epic Transitions, founded by Andrew Bryan and Leslie Johnson, provides young adults with an intercultural experience that uses trekking to not only broaden horizons and promotes self-awareness; it serves to “gain or regain momentum,” and works towards commitment to next steps in one’s life, such as returning to college, living independently, or putting together a gap year program.

Small co-ed groups of 5-8 participants, ages 18-24, will be trekking for 10 days through the English, Welsh border later this month, and the English Lakes District this summer for three weeks.

Therapist Kim Mlinarik will serve as a “transformative guide” and Dr. Donald Chance, retired professor of Community Planning, from Virginia Tech, will serve as a field guide. From Kim Mlinarik, “EpicTrek is an opportunity for young adults to discover a new part of themselves as they discover a new culture. As we explore new places, a sense of wonderment and awe often overtakes us, which can heighten our intuition, senses, and ability to be in the moment. These gifts allow us to tune into our heart and a path that is uniquely true to ourselves. The students on this trek will have the opportunity to use these gifts to clarify their vision of the future.”

With or without learning differences, this is a high quality opportunity for a young adult needing clarity and direction.

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