5 Misconceptions of LD

It always startles me to see the persistence of misunderstanding about people with learning disabilities.

One in five of the American students identified as having a learning disability will walk away from their education. That’s compared to a dropout rate of 8 percent in the general population.

Being understood and accepted is among the most basic of human needs. When “society” (read, schools) doesn’t get “it” (read, you), years of accumulated stress can tear at you and rob society of value. Dropping out of school at such high rates is a waste.

This NPR article reminds us of basic and common misconceptions that litter the pathways to a valued life.

Many people thrive in spite of learning disabilities. Their response to adversity drives them towards achievement, and the lessons learned along the way can teach those of us with more “even” learning profiles a thing or two.

But too much opportunity is lost as a result of being marginalized and misunderstood. Our adolescent treatment centers are filled with examples.

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