Effective Training of Teachers Who Teach Reading: A Must for Students with Learning Disabilities.

“Learning to teach reading, language and writing is a complex undertaking. The competence and expertise of teachers can be nourished with training that emphasizes the study of reading development, language and individual differences,” said Dr. Louisa Moats, Chair of IDA’s Standards and Practices Committee. “If teachers are better prepared, the impact of reading difficulties, including dyslexia, will be lessened, and many more students will receive the instruction and support they require to reach their potential.”

The International Dyslexia Association (IDA), through its Standards and Practices committee, articulated a set of standards for effective teaching-training of reading and language teachers, and recently nine universities that have met these standards have been recognized.

I graduated from a pretty well-regarded teaching program, specialized in learning disabilities, but did not in retrospect, get adequate training in the science of teaching reading. That I learned by apprenticeship with a master Orton-Gillingham/Slingerland trainer. The IDA is helping to promote standards and recognition at the college and university level.

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