Success Story: Jacob Meders, Dyslexic Artist and Printmaker

Nice images on wood. He says in effect, that he never thought of having art and printmaking as a future career, it was just “…something I always did.”

Dyslexia got in his way, but not impossibly so.

[via Dyslexia Help]

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2 Responses to Success Story: Jacob Meders, Dyslexic Artist and Printmaker

  1. cynthia says:

    I think your (Jacob Meders) artwork is extraordinary. It is beautiful, peaceful, wise and traditional in a modern way and as such it breathes life into these very tactile media that you use–fabrics, wood, paper. Your heritage roots have given you a very rich sensitivity and you are radiant with an enviable optimism. I hope you have a chance to work with children. They need a role model for many of your fine traits but particularly your quest for humour. I think we discourage children from keeping the twinkle in their eye and yet it is such a connector.

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