Hacked and Back

Over the past couple of months, it may have seemed to some of you that this site, LD Resources, had taken a vacation from posting and being visible online. Not that I haven’t posted. And the site has been online. It’s just that over this time period it was less and less visible and more difficult to search for. Because of the great work Richard and contributors have done over time, this site has what’s called a high page rank. Most of you may know what that means but in case you don’t, it simply means that if you typed in certain search terms on a google search, for example “LD Schools” this site will usually come up on the first page near the top.

That’s considered pretty desirable and an indication of the good work and content of this site.

It’s also attractive to spammers. Fortunately the spam protector this site uses, Akismet, works near perfectly. So, spam’s not an issue.

I am guessing that the high page rank this site has earned, is also attractive to hackers.

It turns out that the reason this site became less and less visible and searchable is because it was hacked. If you googled the site, it was seen as a lady’s handbag site.

Once we figured that out, the code or whatever was written in the nether world of hacking, was erased. And, the parameters have been tightened so hopefully there won’t be a repeat. I don’t really understand this all. I am however glad it’s cleaned up. Now other and more people are once again viewing and finding the site with ease and comments are coming in.

Hacked, but back. Thanks for the tech guys.

My apologies for any inconvenience.

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