IndyCar Racer with Dyslexia Working with International Dyslexia Association

Wilson practicing for the 2008 Indianapolis 500. (Courtesy Photo/Wikimedia)

IndyCar racer Justin Wilson has been working with the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) to help raise awareness about this learning difference.

Wilson, who grew up in England knows firsthand the challenges of growing up with splintered academic skills and difficulty reading and spelling.

“It beats you down and knocks the confidence out of you; you go to school and all of a sudden feel stupid because you can’t read the book that everyone else in the class has been told to read, and you just sit there and stare out the window thinking: ‘I can’t do this,’” he said.

Wilson has also created a helmet design contest for kids ages 5-16 with dyslexia. He has announced that he will wear the winning helmet design when he races in the Grand Prix of Baltimore on September 2, 2012. The contest winner will be invited to the Grand Prix to meet Justin in person.

Entries can be submitted now through July 31, 2012 on the IDA’s website at

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