Alternatives in India for Students with Dyslexia

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Nice article about alternative education programming in India for students with dyslexia. It not only focuses on early identification, but can provide alternative learning options for students with dyslexia to take higher level classes with very reasonable accommodations.

A student of mine, who chose to complete his schooling through the Open Basic Education programme offered by the NIOS, is now pursuing his higher education in orthopaedics,” says Dr. Jayanthini. Pointing out that it was a field of study that required practical demonstrations of understanding over written answers, the doctor felt this alternative route helped him choose a course that filtered out weaknesses, such as writing cohesive answers to questions in his case. “The students can also choose to complete small portions of the coursework every three months, making it a very flexible form of education as well,” she adds.

There’s also a recognition that intelligence isn’t restricted to strictly academic tasks.

“Intelligence, contradictory to popular perception, is not just about academics . A child’s intelligence can be musical, artistic and spiritual and the faster we recognise this, the better are the chances for the child to lead a successful life, according to the doctor.

Finally, there are an increasing number of vocational routes and coursework.

Besides the academic programmes, the students can also sign up for a variety of standalone vocational courses such as carpentry, furniture and cabinet making, play centre management, hotel front office management; package courses such as diploma in radiography, certificate course for rural health for women, certificate course in care of elderly, certificate course in library science; six-months courses such as plumbing, beauty culture, dress making, computer hardware assembly and maintenance; and one-year courses such as certificate in computer applications, solar energy technician, catering management, electroplating among others.

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