Public Charter School for Students with Dyslexia

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This is great news. The state education board of Louisiana gave approval for the establishment of a charter school in Baton Rouge, for students with dyslexia. It will be near the campus of LSU, which may mean there’ll be access and support from the university as well.

The approval is tentative, based on the need of the school to find appropriate leadership.

There may be others, but this is the first public charter school specifically for students with dyslexia that I’ve heard of.

Now all they have to do is find great leadership and make a good school.

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4 Responses to Public Charter School for Students with Dyslexia

  1. Marsharae Cage says:

    That’s great this is something that I’ve been hoping would be established for years now. My child is dyslexic and I cannoty afford to pay for Brighton with a 10,500 tuition. Now if they only had the grade level my child needed. 4th grade.

  2. Rhonda saucier says:

    Has this school been open. I see this post is from 2012.

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