Mobile Think Tank for Kids


Mobile Think Tank for Cognitive Science

Cool concept to bring cognitive science (science of the mind and brain) into a collaborative and mobile arena for schools and the public.

The Think Tank will:

Drive to elementary and high schools where mobile researchers will teach students about cognitive science by having them plan their own experiments, and carry them out aboard the vehicle.
Invite citizens aboard to participate in actual studies and teach them how cognitive science can improve their lives.
Collaborate with world-renowned psychologists and neuroscientists to deliver sidewalk talks, taking the public on their explorations into human thought and behavior.

There is a new wave of process-promoting educators who realize this. Perception researcher, Beau Lotto, recently guided a classroom of 10-year-olds from brainstorming, to experimenting, and finally to an overwhelmingly student-driven publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Proposals for experiential science education have made New York Times headlines. My STEM initiative, a lab-on-wheels dubbed ‘The Think Tank,’ will join this new wave by delivering experiential education through a science we all have a stake in: the science of the mind.

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