A Gifted Student Learns to Thrive with Dyslexia

A Gifted Student Learns to Thrive with Dyslexia

This is an piece in the Wall Street Journal that highlights a New York teenager’s school life, with its ups and downs, as a student with dyslexia. Apparently she tested in the superior range (in what?) as a pre-school child, but quickly fell behind in Kindergarten in a Manhattan private school that didn’t understand kids with learning differences.

She then spent two early primary years at the Windward School in White Plains, NY, a school that specializes in working with kids with dyslexia.

After returning to mainstream schools, she’s done well and is preparing to enter high school. It’s an upbeat article as it should be, and what strikes me is her healthy-sounding attitude about her dyslexia. She seems to get it that it’s a part of who she is but not who she is. She’s developed good advocacy skills, and doesn’t hide from her spelling struggles and need for more time when reading. On the other hand it doesn’t sound like she overemphasizes them either.

Good for her. The need to categorize her in the title of the article as “gifted” is I suppose to say that she showed lots of cognitive aptitude and potential. Glad it’s not going to waste.

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