Ghotit Releases the First Android Writing & Reading Solution for People with Dyslexia.

Ghotit, a software company that makes an integrated spell-checking program with an imbedded dictionary and word prediction capability, was founded by people with dyslexia and made for people with dyslexia or related print struggles. They’ve now made their programs avaiable for the Android operating system.

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8 Responses to Ghotit Releases the First Android Writing & Reading Solution for People with Dyslexia.

  1. Rosemary Gooch says:

    Could you send me information about the integrated spell checking program please.

  2. Sanford says:

    If you click on their website link, you can get the information as well as how to reach their (Ghotot) customer service. They’ll be glad to help.

  3. Jenny Steven says:

    Is the Ghotit Programme research and evidence based?
    is it recognised by Ministry of Education NZ?
    Thank you

    • Sanford says:

      Jenny, thanks for checking in on this. My experience with Ghotit and the people associated is top notch. Part of my comment is based on who they are and the fact that my friend Richard Wanderman (who was one of the pre-eminent ed-tech for dyslexia students guys) recommended and vouched for them and the integrity of their products. I do think they’re quite grounded in empirical evidence. I don’t know about the NZ Ministry’s position. Let us know if you find anything further.

  4. Jenny Steven says:

    Will follow up with NZ Ministry of Education and let you know; we need to use evidence-based material!
    Bye Jenny

  5. Sanford says:

    I contacted the folks at Ghotit figuring they could give you some further details.
    Here, cut and pasted is their reply to me. Hope this helps.

    “Ghotit has earned last year approval of DSA England:

    We have had approval of US Veterans Department for many years.

    You can find Ghotit in the recent research/comparison of Word-Prediction tools
    made by Edinburg University CALL Scotland group:

    Our software is sold in Australia and has approvals there
    of the local governments and distributor there is Spectronics.

    Unfortunately, we have no distributors and no clues about New Zealand,
    and what their authorities think about us.

    Recently, we have launched our new product for Chromebooks,
    and we will announce broadly very soon. Here’s our dyslexia / dysgraphia software in action:

    And our FAQs could be helpful:
    Kind regards,
    Ghotit Support Team

  6. Jenny Steven says:

    Thank you; your response is ideal for me to follow up with Ministry and find out m ore.
    Will advise any response
    Bye Jenny

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