Book for Children with Anxiety, Worries

Book for Anxious or Worried Children by Sanford Shapiro

“Sanford Shapiro has written a sweet and insightful coming of age children’s tale, beautifully illustrated, chronicling the parallel journeys and triumphs of courage and connection over fear, undertaken by an unlikely but lovable adventurous pair – an endear- ing youthful turtle and an inquisitive young cub bear – who we first meet as they’re trying to come to terms with what seems like an uncertain world. Until comes the fortuitous day when they each stumble upon – separately and then seemingly in unison – that wellspring of inner strength and hope that emboldens and trumps all – the light that shines from within and without, stripping away darkness and self-doubt and illuminating the way forward for us all.”

-S.J. Kane Writer, editor and international development professional, Commission for Legal Empowerment for the Poor. Recently retired at the United Nations and the World Bank

“I loved it and my kids loved it! A Light Within is hopeful, encouraging, and empowering. It helps children find their inner strength and gives them the courage to succeed in life. A book kids and parents will love! With a powerful message that will help your kids overcome their worry and fear. What could be more important than to teach kids resiliency?”

– Andy Sapp, Ph.D, Founder & CEO, Novitas Academy for Boys, and Cherry Gulch School for Boys, Emmet, ID.

-Available in Paperback or Kindle

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Learning Disabilities specialist and Educational Consultant
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