Testing and Evaluating Struggling Kids; a Tool, Not the Goal.

“When working with children and teens who are struggling in school, a thorough psycho educational evaluation is so helpful and necessary. But it is a tool for understanding. The goal is understanding, connection and treatment. 

Don’t confuse the tool for the goal.”

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2 Responses to Testing and Evaluating Struggling Kids; a Tool, Not the Goal.

  1. Sanford Shapiro offers insight, hope, inspiration and a plan…. as a school counselor of 20+ years , I was always distressed when a well meaning teacher would use a child’s psycho-ed eval to justify that they felt a student didn’t “belong” in their class – before they EVER gave the student a chance – as the parent of a child who is both gifted and LD – I have now personally experienced the dangers of those who use a report as the end all be all – my daughter is extremely capable when given the chance… we don’t always all learn the same or at the same pace – and that shouldn’t really matter – if a child is capable of mastering the material they should be given the chance… a test is just a starting point to learn more about the student!

  2. Sanford says:

    Monica; thanks for your comment. Those “reports” you mention can be useful or not. They can be misused as you say, to limit. They can be used to misrepresent and sometimes totally ignore the overall profile of strengths as well as weaknesses. It should always serve as a hand up. On the other hand when used properly it requires a good report and a great interpretation both of which are not as common as we’d like. A good report and interpretation should be like a door that opens to wider understanding that comes from really seeing a student and building from there.

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