Learning Differences and Oppression

The Many Faces of Educational and Racial Oppression

The racialized reality black students experience every day in American schools mirrors bias and the unequal application of justice and resources that is psychologically and institutionally ingrained.

Even when displaying the same behaviors as white children, “black boys are almost three times as likely to be suspended than white boys, and black girls are four times as likely to be suspended than white girls. Black students’ (mis)behavior is more often criminalized compared to other students.”

Studies and experience shows that oppression looks and feels like:

varying levels of self-hatred (including one’s own group) and isolation from the system one finds oneself in

disengagement when few people in authority look like you

lack of self accountability and self worth

separation of language

shame and hiding who you are

disruption of identity formation

I’m quite certain that the same or similar issues exist in most all communities of color most especially brown and Native Americans.

Now imagine being a black boy or girl AND you have a Learning Difference, such as Dyslexia, another group that, independent of race, is already being miseducated. These children, our children are shamed and learn the behaviors of toxic shame.

Learn to go beneath the behaviors; to hear what these children are telling us. Our children need multi-sensory and multicultural education and therapy.

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