Working Together + Personal Grit= Success for Children and Struggling Teens

Art work by Sean Geddes

In this excerpt from my new book ‘A Light Within My Dyslexia’ Bear and Turtle counsel a distraught Beaver about individual “Core Gifts,” following one’s dreams, and the power of collaboration and connection.

-As Beaver’s tears began to fall, Fred and Sam began speaking. They took turns but spoke almost as one voice…    ”Beaver, fear not. We’ve seen you.  We see things you don’t realize yet. For all your struggles…we see your talents and the ways that you are so important. Your dreams are your golden light and this light is your gift and power.”

…By now Beaver was fully listening. But he was still upset. So he asked, “What good is it if I can’t finish the job and the town washes away?”

…Fred piped up. “You’re missing an important part of most solutions. For one thing, you’re missing a team. You make a mistake that many of us do. You are trying to do this alone. Who can you ask for help?”

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