Learning Disabilities, Wounds in Our Schools.

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Children with learning disabilities and even mild learning differences are often under-served, mis-educated and marginalized. Rates of depression, anxiety and trauma are much higher for these children as they become teens snd young adults. In this article from The Hill dot com in rec0gnition of October being Dyslexic and LD Awareness month, confront these troubling issues about the wounding of our children and teens with LD. Children and teens who simply have variations in their learning profile are the longstanding canaries in our institutional coal mines. The problem is that hardly anyone hears their cries. Worse still are the additional disparities in treatment, for children of color. Children of color are misdiagnosed and mis-treated in schools and treatment centers at alarmingly higher percentages. Learning better ways to see and treat our children with learning variations helps all children and struggling teens.

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