LDResources was started by Richard Wanderman back in the mid 1990’s and has been one of the longstanding go-to sites for sharing resources and news for the LD community.

Since 2011 Sanford Shapiro has been the owner and primary writer for LD Resources.

LDResources understands there’s a need for information, support and collaboration within the LD community. We use the term Learning Disabilities and Learning Differences interchangeably;  one term represents the very real challenges to traditional learning and the other suggests the variations in human abilities and profiles of strengths and weaknesses.

A native of Brooklyn, NY and currently living in South America, Sanford is a learning disabilities specialist and educational consultant. Sanford has been a highly sought after trainer and speaker, and is noted for his ability to bridge gaps between therapy and cognitive science. He has been interviewed on TV and in print for his insights into learning differences and social emotional concerns. With an graduate degree from George Washington University and once recognized as the Outstanding Teacher of the Year on the Monterey Peninsula of California, Sanford has enjoyed a career as a teacher-trainer, school director and special needs consultant. Sanford’s knowledge is steeped in research and heart, born from personal and family experience as well as professional and clinical work. Known for his success with dyslexic learners and those on the autism spectrum, Sanford’s mission has always been grounded by sharp insights about the day-to-day lives of children and adults who learn differently.

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