Project Background

The LD Resources web site has been providing information for people with learning disabilities and people who work with people with learning disabilities since 1995. It started as a place for Richard Wanderman (site founder) to share handouts with people in digital form and since then has grown to include hundreds of articles by Richard and dozens of other authors on all aspects of learning disabilities. The site now contains lists of tools, schools, organizations and professionals and other resources for the LD community as well as new articles and commentaries.

Sanford Shapiro (me) has been a regular contributor to this site since 2004.  As a learning disabilities specialist and educational consultant, Sanford has been working with schools, professionals and people with learning disabilities for over 25 years.  My intention at this site is the same as it is in all my work: to help people with learning differences (and their families) and the professionals with whom they work.

As of March, 2011, I happily took over the content and administration of this site.  It is my hope that it continues to bring value to the LD community.

Fine Print© 1995- Present LD Resources. All rights reserved worldwide. The resources at this web site are copyrighted by the authors and/or publisher and may be used for non-commercial purposes only. They may not be redistributed without the expressed written consent of LD Resources. Appropriate credit should be given to these resources if they are reproduced in any form.

Being listed at this site does not mean that a product or service has the endorsement of LD Resources.

Thank You Numerous authors have contributed to this site over the years: thank you one and all. Thank you specifically to Monika Koethnig, Amy Mindell, David Clark, and Anne Wanderman for their support in building and testing this site.

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