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Sanford with his A Light Within, speaks with a gentle and kind voice reminding us that we have all the strength and wisdom we need to face the world. The story also speaks to the universal themes that parents and children confront when they face the everyday world.  I think the book is a wonderful platform for parents and children to talk about their fears and what makes them strong, special and safe.

-Brad Reedy, Ph.D.
Author of “The Journey of the Heroic Parent” published by Ragan Arts
Owner & Clinical Director, Evoke Therapy Programs 
Sanford Shapiro writes with insight and care about kids who struggle with anxiety. This struggle is increasingly prevalent in our classrooms, and Sanford’s story will sound familiar to many students sitting quietly with fear and apprehension. It is an important tool in our work to help these kids find strength and peace of mind, and to connect with the gifts inside themselves and out in the world.”

-Matt Poynter, M.Ed. Principal. Stanbridge Academy, San Mateo, CA

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