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Dyslexia Pioneer David Schenck Dies

David Schenck, founder of the Schenck School, an Atlanta area school for dyslexic students, passed away last week. I’d visited this school on a tour of Georgia area schools and was impressed. The Schenck school has been a leader in … Continue reading

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Does Learning To Read Improve Overall Intelligence?

A study was recently published that claims learning to read and improvement in reading ability has a positive effect on intelligence overall. Where to begin? First, getting past sensational science related headlines takes effort. I have an educated and beginners … Continue reading

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Autism Spectrum: Early Intervention Focuses on Parent Child Interactions

Of course it’s exciting news that early intervention works. But, the magic is in the details. In this study, parents were coached to pay attention to subtle signs from their children (with autism) that they previously missed. When parents have … Continue reading

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Autism Isn’t From Lack of Social Hormone

Researchers found that oxytocin, the hormone heavily involved in social connectivity and feelings of warmth towards others, is not lacking in people with autism spectrum disorder. Oxytocin Isn’t Lacking In Children With Autism, Researchers Say Instead, the study found that … Continue reading

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At 40, Lisa Ling Gets Surprising Diagnosis Of ADD

You’re never too old to understand yourself better. Lisa Ling, journalist, discovers more about her brain and learning style.

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Autism and the Agitator

Interesting and thought provoking op-ed piece in NY Times. Autism and the Agitator

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An artist with dyslexia: Neurons to Butterflies

Neurons to Butterflies Fascinating piece from PBS, about Rebecca Kamen, an artist with dyslexia. In a nod to the field of neuroscience, she fashions abstract sculptures, inspired by neurons and her experiences with dyslexia. Those persistent struggles were what influenced … Continue reading

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“Major” changes coming to 2016 SAT

Glad they’re thinking “changes” and updating. Call me skeptical however, but I’m not convinced. Changes to SAT in 2016

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Never Too Late to Learn a Language

Engineer Celebrates Bar Mitzvah at 65 Man with severe dyslexia decides to persevere and learn Hebrew in order to have his Bar Mitzvah, at age 65. It’s never too late.

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University-Based Teacher Education: An Industry of Mediocrity

Well-done piece in NY Times about teacher preparation. There are widespread holes in teacher preparation programs, including how reading is still taught with an emphasis on guessing instead of a more analytic and systematic approach. How America prepares its teachers … Continue reading

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New Charter School in Baton Rouge for Students with Dyslexia Awaits New Principal

Stay tuned. Not much information explained. Hopefully this school will get its act together. Principal replaced at school for students with dyslexia

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Dislecksia, the Movie

Looking forward to seeing this documentary film, “Dislecksia”, by Harvey Hubbell.

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