This LD Resources Schools Search page results from a collaborative vision and effort by a parent benefactor, LD Resources and me. Most school databases search primarily by geography or state. The anonymous parent contributor is someone whose son went through an extensive learning disability evaluation.  While he was satisfied with the clarity of the evaluation,  he was frustrated by the difficulty in matching his son’s profile to schools nationwide.

He wanted to create this search tool as a gift to families. This database allows you to search by one or multiple learning disabilities and one or more states.   If you find a school that you think should be on this list but is not, please let me know by  simply clicking on the Submit A Listing button.

Being an independent educational consultant myself, I know how important a collaboration between such a consultant and parent is.  Finding the right match between a student and school should not be left to clicking a few buttons on this or any other database or search engine.  Instead, this tool should be a part of parents’ due diligence in the process.

Many thanks to Five Talent Software for their collaboration and to Stanbridge Academy for their help and support of this project.

Thanks also to my friend and parent collaborator. We sincerely hope this is useful for you.